Recent New Knights

Six New Knights - April 2017

Six new Knights join on April 12, 2017,  They are shown below with supporting Knights from our Council.  The total list from left to right are Joe Marandola, Joe Moisant, Bill Dutton, Jeff Sturgis,  James Morton (1st)Michael Brown (1st), George Perez (1st), Eric Fuller, Gene Narsete, Timothy Trietley (1st)Kevin Gunderson, (1st) Barry Diamond (1st) Charles Lasnier, Roger Goodall, Paul McEneany

Welcome  - May 2016

We were pleased to have four new brothers join our council.  The following men joined us on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 and were supported by current Knights.  The full list is below.  From left to right they are:Joe Marandola,  Spencer Schreckengaust (1st), Kevin O'Connor, Bruce Mullin (1st), Fr. John Howard, Ken Howard (1st), Todd Davis (1st), Jorge Fernandez.

New Brother Ken Howard is the adopted son of Fr. John.  The 1st degree exemplification was outstanding.